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iRubric: Counseling Goals -Coping Skills rubric

iRubric: Counseling Goals -Coping Skills rubric

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Counseling Goals -Coping Skills 
Main goals for social work and the rubrics to measure goal achievement
Rubric Code: M22C672
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Subject: Psychology  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: K-5

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Identify Feelings/Thoughts

Maladaptive thoughts


Does not express feelings/wants/needs. Does not identify own feelings clearly or discounts their significance. Does not connect somatic concerns to emotional issues. Cannot identify/recognize negative and distorted thoughts.

Expresses feelings/wants/needs inappropriately through whining, arguing, or avoidant behavior. Acknowledges negative and distorted thought processes without identifying thinking error.

Expresses feelings/wants/needs appropriately. Uses calm and respectful tone of voice. Can acknowledge and identify thought patterns and how they contribute to moods and behaviors with prompting.

Expresses feelings/wants/needs appropriately of the time. Uses calm and respectful tone of voice and discusses connection to somatic complaints. Can acknowledge and recognize thought patterns and how they contribute to moods and behavior without prompting.
Identify Strategies


Cannot identify strategies to cope with feelings of anxiety or frustration or can only identify 1 coping skills strategy.

Can identify a limited number (2-3) of strategies given an anxiety provoking scenario with prompting.

Can identify a number (2-3) of strategies given an anxiety provoking scenario without prompting

Can identify a variety (4 or more) of strategies given an anxiety provoking scenario without prompting
Problem Solving/Application


Does not see a problem or opportunity without direct instruction. Demonstrates little understanding of the elements of the problem or parameters for solution. Focuses randomly on trivial aspects of the problem or significant ones. Communicates solution in a vague or imprecise way, or ignores the need to communicate solutions to others. Gives up easily, unwilling to use resources such as checklists or staff assistance.

With assistance and prompting can be brought to see the problem and identify application of strategies when anxious or frustrated. May be confused between significant and trivial aspects of the problem. Communicates some of the steps in the problem solution, but may miss or mis-sequence some steps or be repetitive. With assistance, can see related problems as similar.

Identifies and seeks to understand the problem at least in general terms and with staff assistance uses checklists or rubrics. Understands the main aspects of the problem. Seeks more than one alternative before deciding on a solution. Evaluates logical consequences of alternatives at least in the short term. Communicates clearly the main aspects of the problem and solution. Persists to find a solution. Sees related new problems as similar.

Seeks to fully understand the problem and interactions before generating alternative solutions. Distinguishes between the significant and the trivial. Devises a step-by-step solution or alternatives, as appropriate. Can communicate alternatives and solutions and evaluate their consequences in the short and long-term. Without prompting identifies opportunities for application of strategies when anxious or frustrated. Uses check lists or rubrics without staff assistance.

  • social work - coping skills

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