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Biomes and Ecosystems

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Rubric Code: LX26AA3
A biome is a large group of ecosystems that have similar characteristics. Each group is responsible for developing their own course of study about their chosen biome. As a group it is the responsibility of everyone to do research and help in presenting the project about their biome.
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Keywords: Biome, adaptation, climate, ecosystem, population, nonliving factors, soil, water
Categories: Subjects: Science  
Types: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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1 pts
3 pts
5 pts
50 pts
Climate; plant and animal life; soil; and water; location on Earth; any special adaptations related to the animal or plant life

Answers some but not all questions. Gives no additional information.

Information is expressed in an accurate way. Some details and connections given. Answers questions but does not provide any additional information.

Information is expressed in an accurate way. Details and connections are clearly expressed. Demonstrates an understanding of the topic. Provides additional information and or facts.
20 pts
Everyone in group is actively engaged in presentation. Presentation is well prepared. Fluency, volume, and speed of delievery factor into your grade. Question/Answer portion should further demonstrate your understanding of content material.

Presenters make some attempt in answering questions. Does not appear to know content material. Seems disorganized in presenting information.

Presenters demonstrate understanding of material. Presentation is somewhat organized. Does not provide any additional information beyond what is expected.

Presenters show enthusiasm and knowledge of biomes and ecosystems. Additional information is presented beyond what is expected.
Grammar and Spelling
15 pts
Words are to be spelled correctly, captions are to be written in complete sentences.

Very frequent grammar and/or spelling errors. Errors distract from poster. Sentence structure often hinders understanding.

More than two Spelling errors. Grammar errors may or may not distract from understanding. Some use of correct vocabulary.

Almost all grammar and spelling is correct. Information presented is easy to read and understand. Appropriate language is used.
15 pts
Use of color, pictures, diagrams, neat/bold handwriting and labels.

Little use of color or diagrams. Information does not catch your eye. Small print, too may words, and illegible writing hinder understanding.

Use of color and diagrams. Legible hadwriting and limited amount of words.

Intersting, engaging, and visually stimulating presentation. Good use of color and diagrams.

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