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iRubric: Autobiographical Narrative Rubric

iRubric: Autobiographical Narrative Rubric

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Autobiographical Narrative Rubric

  Derived from rubric: Autobiographical Narrative Rubric
built by tlocastro

Rubric Code: KX92XCW
Prompt:Prompt: Write an autobiographical narrative in which you recall an event in your life that shaped one particular characteristic of your identity. Be as descriptive as possible in describing your significant event. After you describe your event, reflect on how you think this characteristic will shape your high school experience in at least 3 different ways and why. (A more detailed prompt is the Autobiographical Narrative Essay handout, Handout #4 from class.)
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Categories: Subjects: English  
Types: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Needs Improvement
1 pts
Almost had it all...
2 pts
3 pts
Above and Beyond
4 pts
Drafts/Peer Review
Needs Improvement

I had 1 peer review & 1 rough draft.
Almost had it all...

I had 2 peer reviews & 2 rough drafts.

I had 3 peer reviews & 3 rough drafts.
Above and Beyond

I had more than 3 peer reviews & rough drafts.
Answers prompt
Needs Improvement

I didn't really answer the prompt, I had no idea what to write about.
Almost had it all...

I answered most of the prompt.

I answered the prompt completely.
Above and Beyond

I answered the prompt completely AND answered or came up with deeper questions that this assignment had me thinking about.
Organization/ Structure
Needs Improvement

My ideas seem out of order.
Almost had it all...

My ideas seem to be in order but then there is this random idea floating around that I didn't know where to put.

My essay is clearly organized: I have an engaging hook, relevant body paragraphs, transitional phrases, and an interesting closing.
Above and Beyond

My essay is clearly organized AND I engage my readers all throughout my essay.
Needs Improvement

There are a lot of punctuation, spelling, grammar mistakes. I should have caught those mistakes before turning in my final draft.
Almost had it all...

There are a few punctuation, spelling, grammar mistakes that I missed.

There are very minor punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes in my work.
Above and Beyond

I thought my teacher didn't check my grammar because I didn't see any red marks on my paper.

(No grammar mistakes at all, rare...but possible)
Needs Improvement

My ideas were all over the place, I was not sure what I needed focus on.
Almost had it all...

My ideas seemed relevant and then I began to drift off and talk about.....______________(non-related topics).

My ideas remained focused throughout my entire essay.
Above and Beyond

My ideas were focused AND I added a personal touch by using writing techniques we have discussed in class.

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