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iRubric: Wire Sculpture rubric

iRubric: Wire Sculpture rubric

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Wire Sculpture 
Students will create a three dimensional wire sculpture
Rubric Code: KX55374
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Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Level 1

5 pts

Level 2

10 pts

Level 3

15 pts

Level 4

20 pts

Level 5

25 pts

Details and Craftsmanship

~Attention to detail, neatness, and presentation

Level 1

Piece is incomplete and what is done is sloppy.
Level 2

Piece is incomplete with few details. It is not freestanding. Wire closures are messy or non existent.
Level 3

Piece is incomplete from a few angles. It is not very stable and could use more details to describe the object. Wire closures and attachments should be tighter.
Level 4

Piece is mostly complete from all angles. It stands on its own, but could use more details and some wire closures needed more attention.
Level 5

Piece is finished and complete from all angles. It is stable and free standing. Details are complete and descriptive of the piece.
All wire closures are secure and neat.
Attention to Realism

~Considering contour, proportion, scale of the object

Level 1

Proportion and contour was not considered. Finished piece does not resemble intended object.
Level 2

Proportion, contour, and attention to realism was minimally evident in the finished piece.
Level 3

Consideration to proportion, contour, and realism is visible, but not always accurate.
Level 4

Proportions, contours, and realism are mostly accurate, but may not have been followed through completely.
Level 5

The proportions, contours, and realism are outstanding. The piece clearly resembles it's intended object.
Effort & Completion

~Took time to complete the task

Level 1

The student did not finish the work.The student did not try alternative solutions or ask for help. Work is incomplete. Poor use of time.
Level 2

*The student attempted to sculpt the object but gave up as soon as it challenged them.
The student did not finish the work in a satisfactory manner.The student seldomly tried alternative solutions or asked for help. Poor use of time.
Level 3

*The student finished the project but it lacked finished touches. The project could be improved upon with effort.The student asked for help when finding something difficult, but kept trying and ulilizing alternative solutions.Used time relatively well.
Level 4

The student completed the project in an above average manner, yet more could have been done.The student asked for help and responded well to suggestions. Use of time was efficient.
Level 5

The student gave an effort far beyond the requirements of the project.The student asked questions and the work reflects their understanding and effort to resolve problems in the work.Consistently focused in class.

~Student thought outside the box

Level 1

No creativity shown. Piece is simple and not reflective of creative use of materials.
Level 2

Very little creativity shown in use of materials or manipulation of wire. Presentation of piece is not strong.
Level 3

Some creativity shown by wire bending techniques, multiple materials, and presentation of piece.
Level 4

Creativity shown in wire techniques and materials, but more was possible. Presentation could have been a little stronger.
Level 5

Piece was very creative from choice and manipulation of wire and metal to final presentation.


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