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iRubric: Policy Proposal Presentation SOSA 3168 (2020) rubric

iRubric: Policy Proposal Presentation SOSA 3168 (2020) rubric

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Policy Proposal Presentation SOSA 3168 (2020) 
Rubric Code: J2X5239
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Subject: Social Sciences  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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  Below expectations

10 pts

Approaches expectations

13 pts

Meets expectations

15 pts

Exceeds expectations

20 pts

Problem Identification
10 %

Identify development challenges that can be addressed by policy

Below expectations

Topics do not fit the assignment
Approaches expectations

Topics fit the basic requirements of the assignment.
Meets expectations

Topics fit the requirements. The framing is adequate but missing some nuance.
Exceeds expectations

The challenges are defined
with great precision
40 %

What is the relevance of this issue? History? Causes? Practical examples?

Below expectations

Analysis is incomplete or missing.
Approaches expectations

Demonstrates some critical thinking, but shows scarce appreciation of the topic and little grasp of supporting data.
Meets expectations

Conveys reasonable appreciation of topic, and adequate grasp of supporting data, showing effective research. Minimal mistakes.
Exceeds expectations

Analysis demonstrates deep knowledge of the topic and sophisticated understanding of social dynamics. Great research.
Policy recommendation
30 %

How clear is the recommendation? How well does it relate to the analysis?

Below expectations

Missing or incomplete. Incoherent or unrelated to the analysis
Approaches expectations

The recommendation lacks elaboration and consideration of potential effects of implementation.
Meets expectations

Reasonable policy recommendations. Show basic appreciation of facts and experts' opinion. Follows logically from the analysis. Minimal inconsistencies.
Exceeds expectations

Sound recommendation. Deep grasp of facts. Follows logically from analysis, showing good research. Adequately considers potential results of implementation.
Structure & format
20 %

Does the work have introduction and conclusion? How are arguments presented?
Does the work follows guidelines of format (length, bibliography, etc.)

Below expectations

No structure present.
No references.
Approaches expectations

A structure is discernible, but ideas often lack adequate transition. Poor use of bibliography. Mistakes in format.
Meets expectations

Good and sound structure. Good bibliography. Few mistakes.
Exceeds expectations

Clear and effective structure. Appropriate references. No formal mistakes in bibliography or any other aspect.

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