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iRubric: Shark Tank Satirical Proposals rubric

iRubric: Shark Tank Satirical Proposals rubric

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Shark Tank Satirical Proposals 
Students will assume the role of a Shark Tank contestant. Students create a passionate and informed 3-5 minute sales pitch. Audience must be able to identify the product, the need it fulfills, rhetorical strategies, the targeted audience, and the benefit/price.
Rubric Code: J2WB234
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Subject: English  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Meets or Exceeds Goal

5 pts

Needs Work

3 pts

Not Yet

1 pts


Pitch must meet all standards as listed in the criteria below:
1. Business name and description
3. Amount of money requested
4. Stake that the Sharks will have
5. Target market/audience
6. Rhetorical Strategies

Meets or Exceeds Goal

Pitch has met 90-100% of the standards as listed
Needs Work

Pitch has met 75-89% of the standards as listed (see comments).
Not Yet

Pitch has met less than 75% of the standards as listed (see comments).

Pitch must be well-prepared and rehearsed prior.

Meets or Exceeds Goal

Student(s) show that the Pitch was completely prepared to present before the class presentation.
Needs Work

Student(s) seem to be somewhat prepared but maybe should have had more planning and editing.
Not Yet

Student(s) do not seem prepared t to present.
Posture and Eye Contact

Student(s) displays the elements of effective speaking.

Meets or Exceeds Goal

Student(s) stand up straight, look confident, speak clearly, and make eye contact during the presentation.
Needs Work

Student(s) stand up straight, and give some eye contact.
Not Yet

Student(s) slouch, little or no eye contact.

Students effectively demonstrate an appropriate level of enthusiasm for their product.

Meets or Exceeds Goal

Presentation was very professional and the student's enthusiasm for the product was genuine.
Needs Work

Presentation was professional and the student's interest for the product was genuine.
Not Yet

Presentation was not professional and no interest or enthusiasm was portrayed.
Props/Visual Aids

Relevant props/visual aids enhance the sales pitch

Meets or Exceeds Goal

2 or more relevant props/visual aids.
Needs Work

1 Prop/visual aid, but may not be relevant to pitch.
Not Yet

No props/visual aids.

Students are between 3-5 minutes.

Meets or Exceeds Goal

Students deliver their content between between 3-5 minutes.
Needs Work

Students are 1 minute over or under the required time.
Not Yet

Students are more than 2 minutes over or under the required time.

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