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iRubric: Elevator Pitch 2 rubric

iRubric: Elevator Pitch 2 rubric

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Elevator Pitch 2 
This is the rubric for your elevator Pitch.
Rubric Code: J22CA7X
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Subject: Vocational  
Type: Quiz  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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20% of Final Grade
  Need Improvement

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Who are you?

Did you introduce yourself? Stated your name and provided a brief background about who you are.

Need Improvement

- You did not introduce yourself - because you are speaking to a stranger you MUST state your name.


- Did not provide brief background (what are you studying, job title etc...)

You stated your name and provided a brief background about who you are. However the introduction is generic and lacks engagement/creativity.

You have a compelling and engaging introduction. You provided a 'hook' to capture your audience's interest while still mentioning your name and background.

Examples of a hook: stated an interesting and relevant fact about you, asked an insightful question, identified a need, quote, etc....
How do you help companies?

What makes you unique, what value do you provide, how will you benefit the company?

Need Improvement

Lacks information about your skills/experience or how they are relevant to the company.

For example: simply listing previous responsibilities without any elaboration.

I get some sense of who you are and have a general idea about your strengths/skillset but not how it would benefit the company.

For example you elaborated on your skills, experience but do not provide a value statement or the result of your actions are unclear/vague. (How did the skills/experience benefit your previous employer).

You have told me what qualities/skills/experience are unique to you and I can see how you would add value to the company. You provided at least 1 value statement which was clear and persuasive.
What are you looking for?

What motivated you to start this conversation? Why are you approaching this employer?

Need Improvement

Did not provide a clear reason for wanting to connect with the employer, or your reason is stating something that is obvious.

For example: stating that you are looking for a job at a job fair.

Provided a reason for connecting with the employer, however the reason is irrelevant and does not offer anything of interest to the employer.

For example: you mentioned what you were hoping to gain from the experience (answer is all about you and what the company can offer you).

Reason provided focuses on the employers benefit and aligns with your goals.

For example: you identified a need and provided a solution. (refer to example on PowerPoint - slide 8).
Closing/ Call to Action

Is there a way to continue this conversation?

Need Improvement

You forgot to ask for anything.

You offered your business card/resume or asked for a business card and invited me to continue the conversation.

Need Improvement

Poor grammar, difficult to understand what you are saying (spelling and grammatical mistakes throughout)

Minor grammatical and spelling mistakes

Proper sentence structure, with minimal spelling/grammatical errors.
Elevator pitch is concise and appropriate in length.

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