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iRubric: Poster and Research Rubric

iRubric: Poster and Research Rubric

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Poster and Research Rubric 
The students will put together a poster for display. The poster will contain a description of two types of renewable or non-renewable resources based on the research that they did. The poster should be neat, readable, and contain a color drawing for each resources as well as one diagram of a power plant.
Rubric Code: HX6835X
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Subject: Science  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12, Undergraduate

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  Not Proficient


Partially Proficient




Proficient with Distinction


Content Knowledge

Not Proficient

The poster is lacking in elements required. There are many gaps in information presented. Confusing.
Partially Proficient

Does not have all of the relevant information of the poster. There is not enough information presented. Information is presented in an unorganized fashion and may be hard to understand.

Poster includes all relevant information; however, it is not well-organized.
Proficient with Distinction

The poster includes all information relevant to the topic. The poster is creative, clear and concise. The student added information above what was discussed in the presentation that was required for the project.
Work quality/effort

Not Proficient

Work is done with little effort, quality is not what the learner is capable of. It is evident that the work was rushed and little time was spent on the final product. Work is incomplete.
Partially Proficient

Work is done with fair effort, but the quality is still not what the learner is capable of. It is evident that the work was rushed.

The work was done with good effort that shows what the learner is capable of. It is evident that time was put into this poster and presentation.
Proficient with Distinction

The work done exceeds all expectations and shows that the learner is proud of his/her work. The effort that was put into this task is the best it can be by the learner.

Not Proficient

Lacks original artwork. Not students own drawing/writing. Not good use of space on poster. Messy. Lacks color, texture.
Partially Proficient

Not very appealing. Limited use of creative materials. Not alot of color/shapes/design. Most of the drawings/writing is the student's own.

Contains students own writing and drawing.Lots of colors, shapes, and appealing design. Shows the student spent time creating an artistic piece.
Proficient with Distinction

Eye catching. Great use of colors, texture, shapes, and spacing on poster. Artwork is the students own & is neat. Writing is easy to read. Shows the student can express ideas through art.

  • Environmental Science

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