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iRubric: My Favorite Person Piktochart rubric

iRubric: My Favorite Person Piktochart rubric

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My Favorite Person Piktochart 
Each team will be researching Japan's and the United States' responses to natural disasters. The assignment requires research, creation of an infographic using Piktochart, and a short presentation using your infographic to help other students to learn about the countries' responses.
Rubric Code: HX4558X
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Subject: English  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Exceeds Expectations

20 pts

Meets Expectations

15 pts

Approaching Expectations

10 pts


Exceeds Expectations

Very creative. The infographic is visually stimulating and is seen as eye catching, making the viewer want to look at it.
Meets Expectations

The infographic has some hints of creativity. The viewer notices areas of outside of the box thinking.
Approaching Expectations

Little to no thought was given to the appearance of the infographic. No "outside of the box" thinking was applied. Infographic looks like an exact replica of Scope.
Use of tools

Exceeds Expectations

Student used the online tool Piktochart for their topic and used what the site had to offer to their benefit.
Meets Expectations

Tool was used well but the student could have picked a better option. It was not clear the designer investigate their options. Final product looked similar to other students' final product therefore showcasing that the designer did not do anything special.
Approaching Expectations

Student did not use an online tool. If an online was used, the tool did not assist in the design at all and actually made the infographic even more confusing.
Information representations

Exceeds Expectations

There are no spelling or grammar errors on the text. Information was meaningful and purposeful. It was easy to learn something new about the person.
Meets Expectations

A few errors in spelling and grammar. The data was just there and did not contribute to new learning something new about the person.
Approaching Expectations

There are more than 5 spelling and grammar errors. The information appears random and contains no significant connections to learn something new about the person.
Effective visuals

Exceeds Expectations

Student uses 5 visuals and images that connect to the data. The visuals actually help to explain and clarify the information.
Meets Expectations

Student uses 3 visuals and images. The images are related to social media, but do not help explain or clarify the information.
Approaching Expectations

Student uses visuals or images that are not related to the person. The visuals are distracting and random.

Exceeds Expectations

Design takes the viewer through the infographic in an efficient and effective way. The flow contributes to the understanding of the information, allowing connections to be made. All information is presented clear. Title is bold and captivating.
Meets Expectations

Layout/neatness does not always flow smoothly, disrupting the processing of information. There is a general neatness, however, some areas are distracting. Title not eye-catching.
Approaching Expectations

There does not appear to be any sense of order to the infographic. The infographic lacks neatness and clarity. No title is apparent.

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