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iRubric: Warm Up/Exit Ticket Rubric

iRubric: Warm Up/Exit Ticket Rubric

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Warm Up/Exit Ticket Rubric 
Students will know warm up/exit ticket expectations which would include showing work, organization, accuracy, and timeliness.
Rubric Code: C2X52W7
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Subject: Math  
Type: Assignment  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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  Ask for Help

Ask your teacher or a friend if you need help getting started. Request a template to help with organization of work.

1 pts

Getting There

Consider using a timer to keep yourself on track; refer back to examples in the notes to understand what work should look like.

2 pts

Almost There

Try to be as detailed, complete, and neat as possible.

3 pts

Ready for More!

If you finish early, challenge yourself by creating similar problems or help a friend with their work.

4 pts

Work Shown

Did the student show work or provide explanations as needed?

Ask for Help

Little or no work shown.
Getting There

Work shown for some (about half of) problems.
Almost There

Work shown for most problems.
Ready for More!

Work shown for all problems.

Is work organized?

Ask for Help

Unable to determine which problems have been completed.
Getting There

Work is haphazardly written, or there are major gaps in procedures.
Almost There

Work is organized in a manner that clearly communicates mathematics.
Ready for More!

Work is organized in a manner that clearly communicates mathematics, with visual or verbal aids such as boxing answers, labeling diagrams, etc.

Were answers originally correct? If not, were they corrected?

Ask for Help

Answers are mostly incorrect with no corrections.
Getting There

Answers are mostly incorrect with corrections made.
Almost There

Answers are mostly correct with corrections made as needed.
Ready for More!

Answers are all correct with no corrections needed.

Were warm ups and exit tickets completed within assigned time window?

Ask for Help

Unacceptable participation in warm ups/exit tickets.
Getting There

Rarely participated in warm ups/exit tickets.
Almost There

Mostly participated in warm ups/exit tickets.
Ready for More!

Routine, daily participation in warm ups/exit tickets.

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