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iRubric: Sample rubric

iRubric: Sample rubric

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The students will create a poster on a chosen Human Right that they believe is important. The poster should include a definition of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, an image representing 1 of the 30 rights the strudent views as most important, and a written description of that right.
Rubric Code: BX7B6B6
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Subject: English  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Level 5

5 pts

Level 4

4 pts

Level 3

3 pts

Level 2

2 pts

Format Information

Level 5

The format includes all information relevant to the chosen Human Rights in an organized fashion.
Level 4

The format includes all relevant information about a chosen Human Right; however, it is not well-organized.
Level 3

The format does not have all of the relevant information of the human right. There is not enough information presented.
Level 2

The format is lacking information. There are many gaps in information presented.
Work quality/Effort/Time Management

Level 5

The work exceeds all expectations and shows that the learner is proud of his/her work. The effort put into this task is the best it can be by this learner.
Level 4

The work shows a good amount of effort the learner is capable of. It is evident that time was put into the presentation.
Level 3

Work is done with fair effort, but the quality is still not displaying the learners best capability. It is evident that the work was rushed and student's class time was managed poorly.
Level 2

The quality is not what the learner is capable of. It is evident that the work was rushed and little time was spent on the final product. Work is incomplete.

Level 5

The poster/presentation contains no grammatical or spelling errors.
Level 4

The poster/presentation contains few grammatical or spelling errors.
Level 3

The poster/presentation contains some grammatical or spelling errors.
Level 2

The poster/presentation contains many grammatical or spelling errors.

Level 5

The poster/presentation is creative, colorful and clear. It is not just a list of facts. The poster/power point is presented in a clear and concise manner with full understanding of the subject.
Level 4

The poster/presentation is clear, colorful and logical. It contains facts as well as very few mistakes.
Level 3

The poster/presentation lacks some creativity, color and headings and reads more like a list of facts. The poster lacks neatness and clarity
Level 2

The poster/presentation lacks a clear understanding of the subject matter and their are many errors. Poster/power point is not colorful or creative.

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