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iRubric: Poetry + Motion: Collaborative Choreography rubric

iRubric: Poetry + Motion: Collaborative Choreography rubric

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Students will be able to work in small groups and create, compose, and choreograph an interpretive piece of choreography that will be performed in the Spring Showcase and Arts Walk.
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  Needs Improvement
10 pts
All Right
15 pts
Pretty Great
20 pts
25 pts
Collaboration and Commitment
Needs Improvement

The dance members were inconsistent in their efforts to work together; some members dominated the choreographic process.
All Right

The dance members sometimes worked together. Some members contributed ideas to the project, but others dominated the process.
Pretty Great

The dance members virtually always worked together toward a common goal of creating choreography successfully. There was a good balance of choreographic ideas.

The dance members always worked together toward a common goal of creating choreography with inspiring success. Each member contributed equally to the project.
Connection to Poem
Needs Improvement

Dancers are disconnected to the poem, the concept is very abstract and does not bring the words to life.
All Right

Some parts are connected to the poem, some parts are confusing and unclear.
Pretty Great

Most dancers are connected to the poem and convey the essence of the author's work, some parts are unclear.

All dancers are in sync, convey the essence of the author's work and bring the poem to life!
Performance Quality
Needs Improvement

Dancers are distracted, unsure, and insecure. They are often breaking the performance by looking around, talking, and giggling throughout performance. I.e. not taking themselves or the performance seriously.
All Right

Dancers are sometimes distracted, unsure, or insecure. They sometimes break the performance by looking around, talking, or giggling throughout performance.
Pretty Great

Dancers perform with minimal distractions. They look fairly confident and prepared for most of the performance.

Dancers perform with full confidence. They bring the Axé! They perform with enthusiasm, and are invested in their audience as well as the other dancers onstage.
Journal Entries
Needs Improvement

Minimal response to prompts.
All Right

Some of the questions are answered, but do not include academic language, or may not be complete.
Pretty Great

All questions are answered, lack of academic language.

All three journal entries are completed thoughtfully and with the use of academic language.

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