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iRubric: Visual Rhetorical Analysis/OPTIC Strategy rubric

iRubric: Visual Rhetorical Analysis/OPTIC Strategy rubric

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Visual Rhetorical Analysis/OPTIC Strategy 
Cohesive analysis of visual elements for effectiveness and message
Rubric Code: B2XXW86
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Subject: English  
Type: Assignment  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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4 pts

Developing strongly

3 pts


2 pts

Not acceptable

1 pts

Thesis statement


The thesis statement is clear, well-developed and easy to locate. The body of the paper supports the thesis well. The conclusion restates the thesis eloquently and forcefully.
Developing strongly

Thesis apparent but paper lacks specific relation to main idea throughout. Supporting evidence generally effective. Conclusion mostly effective.

The thesis may be unclear or too broad. The body may not support the thesis. The conclusion may not restate the thesis.
Not acceptable

Lack of organization, thesis, cohesion, or appropriate level of detail.
Visual Analysis


The visual advertisement, cartoon, etc. is thoroughly analyzed. All of the objects are explained. The appropriate techniques are mentioned. Nothing in the visual is omitted. The writer presents the analysis in an orderly and coherent fashion.
Developing strongly

Good analysis of message and technique employed in the visual. Analysis is generally comprehensive and convincing.

Some of the aspects of the visual may have been overlooked. The technique employed in the visual may not be mentioned.
Not acceptable

Major elements of both technique, presentation, and analysis missing.
Context of the issue


The writer puts the visual into its appropriate context, e.g., political cartoons are aimed at a specific audience. The writer understands the issue well enough to offer a valid interpretation.
Developing strongly

The writer attempts to establish context and identify issues of both message and effectiveness.

Either the context is not established well, or the visual analysis is not well-developed.
Not acceptable

The writer does not establish an appropriate context. Analysis is incomplete or has no controlling idea.
Style and correctness


The paper presents an effective analysis, displaying a sense of voice and academic writing. Mistakes in spelling or grammar are not intrusive. Tone correlated to the topic and point of view.
Developing strongly

Few if any disruptive errors. Clear evidence of careful word choice to convey tone. Developing voice.

Mistakes in the prose detract from message. Tone or voice not apt for topic.
Not acceptable

Little evidence of revision or seriousness of purpose.



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