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iRubric: Technical Theatre rubric

iRubric: Technical Theatre rubric

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Technical Theatre

  Derived from rubric: Theatre History Presentation
built by kb1376

Rubric Code: AX9WB4A
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Categories: Subjects: Arts and Design  
Types: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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  Needs Improvement
3 pts
Approaching Standards
5 pts
Meets Standards
10 pts
Work ethic/participation
Needs Improvement

Student did not use class time wisely throughout the unit and or turned in missing or incomplete work.
Approaching Standards

Student used class time wisely most of the time throughout the unit but turned in missing or incomplete work.
Meets Standards

Student used class time wisely throughout the unit and completed all work on time.
Organization/Clarity of design
Needs Improvement

Design and presentation do not follow a clear order and is not put together in an organized fashion.
Approaching Standards

Design and presentation do follow a clear order but is lacking organization or details.
Meets Standards

Design and presentation is organized, has full clarity and includes details.
Understanding of the setting/mood
Needs Improvement

There is no understanding of the plays mood and/or setting and the design does not match the plays mood or setting.
Approaching Standards

Understanding is shown of the plays mood/setting in the design , but it is lacking details. (Too General)
Meets Standards

Full understanding is shown of the plays mood/setting and extra details in the design enhance the play as well.

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