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iRubric: Hispanic Heritage Month Door Decorating Contest rubric

iRubric: Hispanic Heritage Month Door Decorating Contest rubric

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Hispanic Heritage Month Door Decorating Contest 
This is the rubric we will use to judge the Hispanic Heritage Month door decorating contest. ***Guidelines: The theme is entitled "Hispanic Heritage Month" door decorating contest". Classes should design doors that reflect all Hispanic Heritage Cultural Traditions and Contributions.
Rubric Code: A2X82BB
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Subject: Education  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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  4 points each

4 pts

3 points each

3 pts

2 points each

2 pts

1 point each

1 pts



Visual Impact

"Best Overall"

4 points each

"In Awe!"
"Cultural and Bright"
3 points each

"Job well done!"
"Nice job!"
2 points each

Good, I can see where they were going with the theme."
1 point each

"I don't get it!"


"Tools, resources and materials used"

4 points each

Exceptionally attractive.
Well constructed and neat.
Craftsmanship /skills are excellent.
3 points each

Attractive in terms of neatness.
Good construction and not very messy.
Craftsmanship/skills are good.
2 points each

The door is acceptably attractive though it may be a bit messy.
Craftsmanship/skills are average.
1 point each

Distracting and messy Craftsmanship/skills are poor.


Is the entire door decorated?

4 points each

Well completed and space utilized well.
3 points each

Well completed, but space was not utilized to the full extent.
Some items seem out of place.
2 points each

Door is somewhat complete.
Missing something.
1 point each

Door decorating was attempted or not complete.


"Most Creative"

4 points each

Exceptional use of new ideas and originality to create door.
3 points each

Good use of new ideas and originality to create door.
2 points each

Average use of new ideas and originality to create door.
1 point each

No use of new ideas and originality to create door.

Hispanic Heritage Theme

Fun, eye-catching, communicates Hispanic Cultural theme

4 points each

Door has catchy Hispanic Heritage Month decorations and communicates theme fully
3 points each

Door has good communication of Cultural Hispanic Herigtage theme.
2 points each

Door is average and common in it's theme
1 point each

Door does not communicate theme

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