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iRubric: Le Petit Prince: CPP 2020 rubric

iRubric: Le Petit Prince: CPP 2020 rubric

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Le Petit Prince: CPP 2020 
Créer votre planète: chapitre, illustration, vidéo
Rubric Code: A2X33C6
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Subject: Foreign Languages  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: (none)

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  Excellent 16-20

20 pts

Good 15-11

15 pts

Fair 10-6

10 pts

Unacceptable 5-0

5 pts


Excellent 16-20

Project shows exemplary work and a lot of creativity.
Good 15-11

Project shows good work and a good amount of creativity.
Fair 10-6

Project shows fair work and some creativity.
Unacceptable 5-0

Project shows little creativity or is a direct copy from the book.
Literal/Allegorical Explanation

Excellent 16-20

Both the literal and allegorical explanations are present and match the project well.
Good 15-11

Both the literal and allegorical explanations are present and match the project at most points.
Fair 10-6

One of the explanations are missing, or do not match the project very well.
Unacceptable 5-0

There is no explanation for the project.

Excellent 16-20

The project is the student's best possible work: neat, colourful, creative
Good 15-11

The project is good: neat, mostly colourful, somewhat creative
Fair 10-6

This is fair work, with the project done to some degree of creativity
Unacceptable 5-0

The project is with no obvious creativity and care

Excellent 16-20

The explanations have no errors in grammar.
Good 15-11

There is one or two errors in grammar but they do not hinder comprehension.
Fair 10-6

There are two or three errors in grammar, and they hinder comprehension.
Unacceptable 5-0

There is either no explanation for the project, or the explanation is so poorly written that there is no attempt at comprehension.

Excellent 16-20

Quality of the video is well put together. Images are clear and appropriate and it is easy to understand what the students are saying.
Good 15-11

Most of the images are clear and it is still easy to understand what the students are trying to say. Overall quality of the video is still very well put together.
Fair 10-6

Students have all of the pictures and narrations but images are not clear and it is hard to understand what the student is saying.
Unacceptable 5-0

Images are not clear or are missing. It is hard to understand the students. Video is not put together very well.


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