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1 rubric Choral Reading:Night Before Christmas       popup preview  
In groups students will rehearse present a choral reading for T'was the Night Before Christmas - Drama elements of Voice and Tempo

Grade levels:   K-5  
2 rubric Research Brief Evaluation       popup preview  
A brief is a concise standalone document focusing on a particular issue requiring attention. The paper should include all required elements: Executive Statement/Summary, Introduction, Key Messages, Methodology, Results and Conclusions, Recommendations or implications, References and Useful Links, Author information

Grade levels:   Undergrad   Grad  
3 rubric Advertising Campaign       popup preview  
Students will develop an advertising campaign, for a product or service to appear in a technology-driven advertising campaign.

Grade levels:   6-8   9-12  
4 rubric Marketing Poster Rubric       popup preview  
Students will create an advertising poster that contains all relevant information. Students will provide a creative and colorful poster designed on the computer to be printed and displayed on posterboard. The poster should address the following questions: - What is the name of the program and what is it about? - When? - Who is this for? - Why is it happening? - What are the benefits? - How can a student enter?

Grade levels:   9-12  
5 rubric Law Case Study Rubric       popup preview  

Grade levels:  
6 rubric Self Advocacy       popup preview  
Demonstrate self-advocacy skills with clarity of speech

Grade levels:   9-12  
7 rubric DOL Rubric       popup preview  
How Anita feels about her living situation

Grade levels:   6-8  
8 rubric SMRT Communication, Logistis and PR Sponsorship Rubric       popup preview  
The project evaluates students' understanding of selling Sponsorship, seeking donations, setting up logistics, and creating and distributing communication and collateral materials for a special event.

Grade levels:   9-12   Undergrad  
9 rubric CD Cover       popup preview  
The students will develop and design a CD Cover utilizing their PhotoShop skills. They must create the front and back cover.

Grade levels:   9-12  
10 rubric Newscast/Skit Presentation Rubric       popup preview  
This rubric is designed to assess student's Newscast/Skit Presentation

Grade levels:   K-5  
11 rubric Persuasive Speech with Support       popup preview  
Using Monroe's Motivated Sequence, students will deliver a 5-7 minute speech with a min. of 5 oral citations and a min. of 2 visual aids.

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
12 rubric ISTE Standards for Students       popup preview  
This rubric breaks the ISTE Standards for Students (2016) into manageable chunks for assessment of student use of Technology.

Grade levels:   K-5  
13 rubric SOAP note       popup preview  
A summative assessment tool for clinical SOAP notes

Grade levels:   Grad  
14 rubric Assessment Planning Process       popup preview  
A summative evaluation of the student's integration of the following skills: Developing diagnostic questions based on referral, identifying the target information that must be elicited during the course of the assessment, comparing and contrasting formal testing tools and selecting the ones most relevant to the needs of the client and the nature of the information to be obtained, and developing a timed agenda with reinforcement schedule that facilitates completion of the assessment.

Grade levels:   Grad  
15 rubric Video Log - Ling 170       popup preview  

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
16 rubric Film Evaluation and Review       popup preview  
The assignment is to view a film and integrate terminology used within a literature unit. Provide a summary and analysis of the film. Write a personal response and reflection of the film. Use terminology/vocabulary from the film within the response.

Grade levels:   9-12   Undergrad  
17 rubric Pragmatic language carryover       popup preview  
This rubric assesses a students ability to demonstrate age appropriate class behavior and peer interaction. Criterion numbers may need to be changed and specific behaviors defined.

Grade levels:   K-5   6-8   9-12  
18 rubric Social Pragmatics - Communication Skills       popup preview  
Rubric for Basic Social Pragmatic Skills

Grade levels:   K-5   6-8   9-12  
19 rubric Successful Social Connection Skill Rubric       popup preview  
During structured small group activities, recess, lunch, specials, or other social times in the day, student will demonstrate successful social connection skills by receiving an average score of 9/12.

Grade levels:   K-5  
20 rubric Following Directions       popup preview  
The student will follow directions in making a recipe.

Grade levels:   N/A

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