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Wed 09/19/07 - 10:48 PM   Tiffany: 1st ECGA meeting Thursday 9/27 @ MPR LUNCH. Please come!!
Wed 09/26/07 - 07:24 PM   ecgawhs: This quick post is only for questions or comments about the site or ECGA; please refrain from posting anything else.
Mon 10/01/07 - 01:06 PM   Tiffany: It's not too late! You can still join ECGA by turning in ur application & $8 to E-16 @ lunch starting 10/3 in E-16/HeRzOg
Mon 10/01/07 - 07:31 PM   shannon: hey alex could you please change the app deadline to next gen. mtg? thanks
Mon 10/01/07 - 08:57 PM   jojo: Make the background GREEN =]
Sat 10/06/07 - 01:15 PM   rena: hey change the meeting date alex
Mon 10/15/07 - 12:45 PM   Tiffany: Campus Cleanup=Meet at the Cafeteria afterschool ASAP :)
Mon 10/15/07 - 05:24 PM   kat: can we still go to the campus cleanup even if we didn't sign up?
Mon 10/15/07 - 07:40 PM   ecgawhs: Of course, just remember to check in with the officer in charge tomorrow.
Sat 10/27/07 - 03:32 AM   xxlollipoplilxx: waivers for Paddle for a Plastic free Ocean is in the announcements section so anyone who needs it can print it out from there
Tue 10/30/07 - 09:36 PM   Tiffany: Peddler's Market cancelled :( Alex, UPDATE Por Favor :D
Wed 10/31/07 - 08:55 PM   ecgawhs: Most of the hours/points for the activities have been updated with the exception of Funclub and the Bunny event.
Sat 11/03/07 - 11:05 AM   Sara: Internet browser lag sucks. I feel so behind. I have no idea what's wrong with my computer but I will give you the sign ups for the Bunny thing soon Alex my dead. D:
Sat 11/03/07 - 11:05 AM   Sara: dear* That didn't come out right. I made a Freudian slip, so ignore that Alex. :<
Sun 11/04/07 - 08:55 AM   lily: DUMPSTER CLEANUP CANCELLED
Wed 11/07/07 - 10:15 PM   Tiffany: General Meeting @ MPR 11/8 Lunch :)
Fri 11/09/07 - 01:59 PM   ecgawhs: Roots Willow waiver form in Announcements!
Sat 11/17/07 - 12:01 PM   Member #1236: Can you guys place the starting time for the events on the calendar instead of the ending time? It's quite confusing... I thought the stadium cleanup started at 11, especially since I just glanced at it, I didn't bother clicking on it or anything.
Sun 11/18/07 - 09:46 PM   ecgawhs: It's a throwback to the pre-daylight savings time; rest assured the problem will be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. We apologize for any problems or difficulties you may have had due to the bad timing on the calendar.
Mon 11/19/07 - 12:33 AM   Member #1236: Thats okay. Thanks!