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Folsom High



Wed 08/15/07 - 08:54 PM   csf_fhs: Welcome to the CSF FHS website!
Sun 09/09/07 - 10:18 AM   RoseDancer: This website is a great idea, and will certainly be useful! I may look into a similar set up for Drama Club...
Sun 09/09/07 - 12:31 PM   ~Dancer~: This is great! Now i know when things happen becuase my PAWS class doesn't get the announcements!
Sun 09/09/07 - 03:49 PM   csf_fhs: Yep, that's why it's here! :D
Sun 09/09/07 - 05:22 PM   Sami: I hardly see the announcements either, so the idea of a website is great!
Sun 09/09/07 - 06:34 PM   Kerry: Yay! It's up. =)
Mon 09/10/07 - 04:58 PM   freakydeaky75: ooh this is nifty I'll finally know what's going on with all the meetings and events!
Wed 10/24/07 - 10:10 PM   Sksharma: Nice Website!! Very efficient and useful!
Wed 09/10/08 - 10:48 PM   Sksharma: Ready for a new year!!

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