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Hélène Wyskup e-Portfolio



Sat 11/28/09 - 01:41 PM   wyskuph: Greetings to ALL !
Fri 01/08/10 - 06:25 AM   Lila: Dear Helehe, What a marvelous website I also entered your e-portfolio. Very impressive. I liked how you displayed your students work. Congratulations what beautiful work!
Sun 01/17/10 - 04:28 PM   JC: Dear mommy, I am very proud of the efforts and creativity that you have put towards this website. You are a very dedicated teacher and this truly reflects how passionate you are towards helping your students & parents. Great job!
Thu 09/01/16 - 01:52 PM   Louise Allard: Salut Hélène, appelle moi, je pourrais te faire une petite visite lundi le 5 sept....

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