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Textiles are the largest items of application next only to engineering goods, textiles have found wider acceptance in industry, house hold, aerospace and apparel field.. etc.

Today industrial textile has an old tradition, in the 20 th century when man-made fibers became available, the range of industrial textiles was rapidly widened by textiles before, These are currently used to produce fabric reinforced constructions, it is only in the last few decades that industrial textiles have become a commonly considered special group of textiles products,  where industrial fabric of the textile field has grown more rapidly than house hold textile and apparel approximately 10 percent a year and makes up about 20 percent of the market share of textile products ,  and structure components as agriculture and forestry materials to protect natural resources and the living environment in transportation and storage in civil and railway engineering in the manufacture of sports leisure goods … etc



Classification of industrial textiles is a challenging task, classification of industrial textiles can be done in several ways according to the raw material processed, the manufacturing system and production technique, the basis of main industrial textiles groups. Or the end use (geotextiles, medical textiles, paper machine and clothing…etc


This fabric includes reinforcing fibers for protection from hot and cold, electrically conducting textiles, anti-static textiles, netallized products surface , textiles for electronics and data system technology, fiber optics, drive systems, hoses and tile reinforced pipes, fabrics for timing gears, rigid and flexible containers hollow pneumatic system oil spill absorbing blankets, textile reinforced rubber products, filters abrasive fabric for sand paper, fabric for movie screens,  type writer ribbon, sorption system, seals fiber reinforced sealing materials and textiles reinforced adhesive fabrics for luggage laundry




This fabric includes textile reinforced lightweight  building materials, textiles reinforced structure all parts molded articles and profiles textiles, for use in corrosive media textile reinforced motor and machine parts.


This fabric includes active wear fabrics, covers for domes and stadiums, stadiums blankets inflatable building for sports, tennis rackets, golf, clubs, football, tennis ball, roller skates, water and snowski ropes, tennis nets, breathable water proof uniforms, tennis court curtanins, fabrics for hunting vests, race car drivers uniforms, fabrics for hot air balloons fabric for sport shoes, fishing nets and line, swimming pool covers and liners, sleeping bags…. Etc




Geotextiles are textiles that are incorporated into geo-technical or civil engineering works, Geotextiles is normally taken to refer only to permeable textiles, Geotextiles are normally woven, non woven with few knitted fabric.  Geotextiles designed for use as soil filters in hydraulic engineering, draining material enable a more rapid and simple dewatering of wet grounds, stabilization of earth embankments, railway construction, construction of temporary. Roads, construction of embankments,

the construction of road ways on gravel sand.. etc

At this moment, new geotextiles products made of three dimensional network fabric are expected to arouse keen interest, these perforated materials, are used primarily for the stabilization of side slopes inclines and banks, they also offer young plant support and can be used for corrosion protection.




Safety and protective clothing are the most diverse market within the industrial fabrics industry. It is referred to by many as a niche industry in which safety and protective clothing is a garment or fabric relate item that protects the wearer from life threatening situations, or risk of injury damage Protective clothing also refers to garment that protect the product or environment from contamination.  The safety and protective clothing market is divided into a number of segments including high visibility, abrasion and cut, slash protection ballistics, personal environmental protection Material protection, anti-contaminants, radiation protection and vacuum and high pressure the last major use and the most complex, is protective clothing particularly proximity crash suits and protective garments for firemen and others exposed to high temperature including workers in steel mills, it also used in microwave guard for technicians, pool covers, cargo nets  for trucks and air craft, rock retaining nets , anti – slippage mat, mosquito netting gasketings, soft and hard armor safety nets and tuber for high pressure pipes which could explode, protective covers for machine tools, bath mats, rain wear, grass catcher bags, , anti-glare nets, screen in high way medians, building safety and rescue nets.




This include materials for automotive application, for aerospace industry, marine application, railway vehicles, materials for bicycles, seat belts, air bags, tire card canvas, reinforced interior coverings, textiles for sealing and wall coverings, sound damping, curtain materials, boat and car covers, seat covering materials, fire resistant textiles, hood fabrics, head liners, hoses and drive belts, gaskets and brake ropes linings, textiles in mufflers, seals, insulation materials, cordage, netting, protective covering systems for air craft, floating vessels  for making lighter weight and more fuel efficient air planes, vehicles, faster boats rocket nozzles and ablative heat shield textiles for aerospace program.