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About ePortfolio System

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Build multiple ePortfolios to track and showcase your work. Create learning portfolios for reflective assignments, teacher-student engagement, evaluation of SLOs, peer-review, authentic assessments and more. Create career ePortfolios that you can keep years after schools. Our ePortfolios are free and are tightly integrated with our course management system allowing for a higher level of communication, mentorship, and assessment.
Sample Student ePortfolio ePortfolios ePortfolio Builder
ePortfolios Life-long ownership
ePortfolios Online submission to gradebook
ePortfolios ePortfolio Manager
ePortfolios Multiple ePortfolios for different purposes
ePortfolios Multimedia
ePortfolios Reviewer and Guest Access
ePortfolios Multiple discussion Boards
ePortfolios Private Pages
ePortfolios Invite selectively
ePortfolios ePortfolio Calendar
ePortfolios QuickPost
ePortfolios Reviewer and Guest Management
ePortfolios Link to Personal Website and other ePortfolios
ePortfolios Secure contact page

More about ePortfolios in our knowledgebase... More about ePortfolios in our knowledgebase...

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