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Artifact 1


Standard 5

Impact on Student Learning


Element 5.3: Utilize the reflective cycle to implement change in teacher performance, student learning, and instructional goals and decisions


Artifact: PED 434 Presentation


Date: Spring 2011




In PED 434, we split up into groups and had to plan lessons to assess students on a physical activity of our choice.  My group chose to evaluate students on Disc Golf and wanted to see if there was a correlation between scores playing Kan Jam and scores playing Disc Golf as well as if there was a correlation between scores on a Frisbee throwing rubric and scores playing Disc Golf.


After the data was collected, we then had to interpret the data and reflect on our teaching segments to figure out what to change in the future to make the assessments more reliable.


Reflection is an important skill for physical educators because it’s important to use assessments to drive your teaching forward, rather than just using them for a grade. A great teacher looks at how their students are performing and changes the lesson to fit their needs. A great teacher also looks at assessment results in order to improve the unit or assessments for future use.

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