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Artifact 2


Standard 5

Impact on Student Learning


Element 5.2: Use appropriate assessments to evaluate student learning before, during, and after instruction


Artifact: PED 434 Teacher Work Sample


Date: Spring 2011




This is the unit plan and compilation of data from my group’s PED 434 assessment project. For the project, we had to design and implement a unit plan, pre-test the students on skills they were taught, analyze the data and reflect on our unit plan, teach another lesson, and give a post test.


This project taught me a lot about assessment and instructional planning. We had to create pre-assessments, formative assessments, and post-assessments for this project and because of that I now know more about creating and utilizing assessment effectively. This project also helped me learn how to analyze assessment data and reflect on my teaching to better stimulate student learning.


Using appropriate assessments is a vital skill for physical educators to have because it allows you to not only see what your students can do and assign a grade, it allows you to track student improvement throughout a unit and throughout a school year in order to see if your physical education program is truly effective.

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