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E-portfolio of Ayse Begüm AYDINOL


Statement of Purpose


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As a future teacher I should know what students/learners need and what kind of methods can be used to enhance the student involvement and achievement. As a result I have a vision and mission to reach my goal. I have built this e-portfolio to reflect my vision and mission by demonstrating what I have worked on.






 My Vision:


 To raise students who search and apply, can explain his/her ideas, can work both individually and in groups, follows technological developments by benefiting from the current technolog to apply on their daily lives.


My Mission:

To reach to my vision,


  • To encourage the students to be information literated
  • To make the students digitally native
  • To support teaching and learning process both visually and auditory when necessary so that the students can internalize the information
  • To have activities which the teacher and students work together
  • To increase the motivation of the students through class discussions
  • To provide a learning environment that the students can both enjoy and benefit from with open communication

are my missions.



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