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Consulting and Audting is a class to audit a company for the first half of the semester. the second half of the semester I consulted the company. The company I chose was TGA (Tennessee Gas Association) I implemented a plan to help them change and grow as a company.
This is a reflection on my experience with the EXL program.
For my interview class, each student was to go on an interview as a project and give a presentation on what happened after the interview process. I went on an interview with Target Coorporation and wrote about my experiene and what I learned from it.
For my Communication Training class, I had to train the class with my group to be prepared to go to Australia. My group had to do some research and let the trainees know what to expect when working for their company over seas in another country.
I planned My Brother's wedding throughout the summer and wrote a paper for my Event planning class in the spring.
After I did my internship at the Tennesee Gas Association, I did an evaluation on my experience with my mentor, and the office as a whole.
For my ORCO in Communities class, we worked on a class project for the VSA arts Tennessee and worked with a cheerleading team from Hendersonville. The following paper reflects on my experience in the community project.

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