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EXL Reflection Essay



Nick Palmer



                Through my EXL experience at Middle Tennessee State University, I have learned much more than if I were to learn in the classroom alone.  Studying outside organizations is the best way to get to know how the real world really works.  In my EXL classes, I studied many of these organizations, sometimes even being able to work for them.  The three greatest things I learned from the program are; organizations are not always as organized as you would think they are, organizations want you to be creative and not just desk rats, and finally, the EXL program is a great ice breaker before getting thrown into the real world.

                When I was doing my internship for the EXL program, I did it with one of the departments on campus.  I figured the Office of Greek Affairs would be a great place to do it because of my experience in the Greek community, and my presence on the executive council.  The office at the point that I was doing my internship was going through a major organizational change.  I was able to see how unorganized the office was and contribute to fixing the problem.  I thank my experience in the EXL program that I was able to be such a help.

                Through the program I was able to study many different organizations, and this was something that came up multiple times in job interviews.  The company that I was hired by hired me just for that reason.  They wanted me to be creative, and be more than just an ordinary office worker.  They know that I have observed many different organizations and case studies, and they want me to help grow the company.  This would have not have been possible if it was not for my outside experiences in college.

                I have found that the EXL program is a great ice breaker and transition stage before you go into the real world.  A year ago I was really worried about what my life was going to be like outside the classroom, and now I know.  I was able to work and observe regular work days.  This has been a great transition and I look forward to starting my new job in the spring a little less timid.

                I firmly believe that the EXL program at MTSU strengthens the education of its participants by providing a window to see outside the university world.  Studying these outside organizations are the best way to find out how the real world works.  I learned a lot from this program including what I should really expect when I get out of college, how to be creative in a competitive work environment, and I learned to be a lot less timid and a lot more confident as I start my new job soon.

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