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Folsom High


Hey CSF Members. Our used Book Store/Library ? A/B) Our bookstore has been approved and will be opened to all students. There will be SAT prep books 2005 edition or newer along with English curriculum novels. Donations are appreciated. We also hold consignments. We will try to set it up before Thanksgiving. Also, if you want a csf t-shirt, make sure to turn in your $10 check or cash. Also CSF has just been approved for a cookie dough fundraiser! We now need club members to vote to approve this fundraiser. Make sure to reply to the email sent out Here are the minutes from the last meeting. Download the original attachment CSF General Meeting 03 December 2008 11:51 a.m. (Michelle Lee, Vice President) and 12:48 p.m. (Adam Griffin, President) Present: Refer to Member Sign-In Sheet (passed around during both A and B lunch meetings) Agenda/Discussed: Minutes A) Minutes were read and approved. (Katie Rose motioned for approval. Shivi Sharma seconded). B) Same. Treasury E-books and the Berkeley trip have been paid for. Old Business A/B) Service Projects ? Christmas Toy Drive ? With the police department, school-wide event. Please bring in one toy or a cash donation by 12/12. Adopt-a-family ? Some infant items have been received but are still needed. See flyer for more details. Project end: 12/11 Fundraising A/B) Tie-dye Fundraiser ? Orders were taken after the meeting. Sale end: 12/5 BOBB ? A/B) Began on 12/4 and will continue throughout second semester. Bring in donations anytime (AP prep books must be 2005 ed. or later.) T-shirts ? A/B) Pick ups start 12/5 for preorders and will be on sale for $10 New Business Member Induction ? Tuesday 12/9 ? member induction committee meeting at 7:15 am. If you cannot make the meeting, stop by and talk to Mrs. Malaspino for more information. Holiday Party After voting, the date has been set to Friday 12/12 4-6pm after school. Dates to Remember 12/9 ? Induction Committee Meeting 12/12 ? Holiday Party 1/5 ? 1/30 ? Spring Registration Adjournment ? meeting adjourned at 12:08 p.m. and at 1:05 p.m.

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