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The New Microsoft Office


The New Microsoft Office User Interface Overview



The main purpose of this web page is to keep consumers around the World updated / inform about the pending release of The New Microsoft Office User.


The information contained on this Web page relates to the pre-release New Microsoft Office User, and thus may include features available only after installation of additional add-ins, and may be substantially modified before the commercial release.

In this case, the web page information is only about the Overview of the User Interface.

Therefore, this web page provides information only for informational purposes only.


Ultimately, it aims to generate publicity among the Netcizens so as to instill an interest in consumers to buy the product once it has been released into the market.


Target Audience

Basically, there are three groups of audiences.


They are the Budding Netcizens who are constantly aware of the pending release of The New Microsoft Office User. These users already have prior knowledge about the product and are looking out for new features that would interest them to buy the product.


Another group of audience is the batch of onlookers who are intending to upgrade their current Microsoft Office User but who do not have any prior knowledge about the new product. Hence, they are relying on this web site / page to provide them with the latest features of the product.


Overall Web Design

aPage title is descriptive and consistent with the titles in the content area.


aThis is an example of a ‘Quick Links sequential’ menu. In this case, mousing-over ‘Quick Links’ invokes the expanded sub-menu.


a This Web page provides links to both the main homepage [click able Microsoft Office logo at the top left corner] as well as the sub homepage (‘Home’ link placed beside Quick Links). These logos and their placement remain constant throughout the Web site.


a There is also the search capability at the top right corner of the homepage [Search for:].


a Concise tagline [2007 Microsoft Office System Preview Site] is used to help users understand the web page purpose.


aBreadcrumb Navigation [2007 Microsoft Office System > The New Microsoft Office User]

Breadcrumbs, when used, allow users to quickly navigate your site.


aProvide Feedback on Users’ Location

aProvides path and hierarchy information (i.e., ’breadcrumbs’); matching link text to the destination page’s heading.

On This Page

Design Goals and Approach

Key Features



aNavigation elements are also clearly differentiated from one another and grouped consistently placed at the left panel.


aMoving the mouse over the tabs at the left panel of the page with the 8 will reveal a drop-down menu with navigation choices. This functionality is useful for easy navigation.


aThis is an example of a ‘sequential’ menu. In this case, mousing-over ‘Programs8’ invokes the circled sub-menu.


a Descriptive first sentences set the tone for each of these paragraphs, and provide users with an understanding of the topic of each section of text.


a Formatting text like this—roughly 100 characters per line—elicits faster reading speeds.


r However, the page is too dense with information, thus it does not allow for quick scanning.




aThese illustrations facilitate faster learning of key concepts.


r However, there is too much passive white space [the blank areas between the images and the text] that may require users to scroll unnecessarily.

R: On content (i.e., text) pages, use some white space to separate paragraphs.

R: Minimize the size of the images to remove excessive white space.


aThere are ’anchor / within page links’ [Top of page] that are useful for getting users to the top of the page without having to scroll all the way up.




Web readers do not appreciate excessive use of marketese.

R: Increase Web Site Credibility

Provide a useful (FAQ) and answers; Ensure the site looks professionally designed;

Ensure the site is as up-to-date as possible; Enlist affiliates to other credible sites.




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