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Logitech Webcam Quickcam

Logitech Webcam Quickcam Sphere MP




This is the product page of Logitech Webcam Quickcam Sphere MP.


It provides consumers who are interested in buying the Logitech Webcam Quickcam Sphere MP, a brief description of the products’ features.


Ultimately, their goal here is to create a substantial interest in consumers to purchase their product at their physical store.


Target Audience


Basically, there are two main groups of audiences.


They are the Tech Savvy Netcizens / loyal customers of Logitech products who are constantly aware of the pending release of Logitech Webcam Quickcam Sphere MP. These users already have prior knowledge about the product and are looking out for new features that would interest them to buy the product.


Another group of audience is the batch of onlookers who have never bought a high-end camera before and are intending to purchase one. These are consumers who do not have any prior knowledge about the product. Hence, they are relying on the product page to provide them with the product information.


Overall Web Design


aThe page title is descriptive and consistent with the titles in the content area.


aThe search capability is consistently placed at the top rightmost corner.


a This site organizes information well by grouping core navigation elements and key topic areas together. These features allow users to search and scan for information faster.


a Clearly differentiated & descriptive navigation tab labels are consistently placed in a drop-down menu with navigation choices at the top of each page.


a Moving the mouse over the tabs at the top grey panel of the page will reveal the drop-down menu with navigation choices. This functionality is useful for easy navigation.

R: However, I would recommend having an 8 arrow to show that there is a sub menu.


aThe width of the top panel are wide enough to clearly present links and navigation information, but narrow enough so that they do not dominate the page, allows the user to recognize them as navigation and content panels.


aApply Users Terminology

These features include having ’breadcrumbs’ [Products > Mobile Products > Products > Webcam > QuickCam™ Sphere MP] to allow users to quickly navigate around the site.


aIn addition, all click able links are highlighted in light green color and becomes underlined when mouse over.


a The Logitech logo is also placed consistently at the rightmost corner of every page. While many users expect that the logo will be click able, many other users will not realize that it is a link to the homepage. Therefore, there is a sub homepage (‘Home’ link placed in one of the tabs).


r Page length is too long. As a result, important information is not made visible above the fold.

R: A shorter page should be used for this product page so that most content is visible without scrolling.




r There are too many passive white spaces [the blank areas between the images and the text] surrounding the display of the large QuickCam™ Sphere MP image. As a result, important information is not made visible above the fold and that may require users to scroll unnecessarily.

R: Removing the redundant white spaces surrounding the image so that most of the content is visible without scrolling.



a Labels are clear and distinct, allowing users to distinguish paths quickly.


aAppropriate use of tables and graphics facilitate users’ ability to scan for information.


aThese columns are horizontally aligned, allowing the information to fall easily to the eye.


r The use of white space between click able regions within the table of product descriptions defines the boundaries of each individual ‘hot’ area.


r However, this is not true as the images are not click able at all. This design may confuse users because the images are demonstratively different, and thus attract the users’ attention.

R: Minimize the size of the images to remove excessive white space and try to make the table more compact to avoid having misleading cues to click.


Clarity / Brevity


a Descriptive first sentences set the tone for each of these paragraphs, and provide users with an understanding of the topic of each section of text.


rUndefined acronym & abbreviations [MP, Pan, MSN, AOL, USB, 9", AIM, GHz, RAM] may leave users confused regarding the link contents or purpose.

R: The designer should define each acronym and abbreviation on the page.


rThe writer assumes that the reader understands some of the technical terms used [Motorized pan and tilt, Megapixel sensor, frames-per-second, backward-compatible].

R: Use links to provide definitions and descriptions to clarify technical concepts

For example, provide links to a dictionary, glossary definitions, and sections dedicated to providing more information.


aCompose sentences in active rather than passive voice.


r This part here is too dense with information, thus it does not allow for quick scanning.

R: The web page should have a moderate amount of active white space in-between the text.


aAppropriate use of tables and graphics facilitate users’ ability to scan for information.


r The signing up for the Logitech’s newsletter should not be placed at the bottom-most of the web Page, as users may tend to miss it.

R: They should have an option by the right side of the page to enable users to sign up for their newsletter instead.



Web readers do not appreciate excessive use of marketese.


r Negative examples: [never seen anything like the unique combination of form and function], [delivers superior quality images], [state-of-the-art optics].


R: Increase Web Site Credibility

Provide a useful (FAQ) and answers; Ensure the site looks professionally designed;

Ensure the site is as up-to-date as possible; Enlist affiliates to other credible sites.




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