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How corrupt is our system?

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I'm a senior at a very reputable university.  As a part of our core classes, we have to take two classes in another department.  But that deparment doesn't really care about students from other departments, so last quarter, they assigned us the worst teacher they had.  The guy did not know the first thing about the subject.  The first day we kept correcting him on every little thing. 

So I got together with five of my so-called friends/classmates and wrote a letter to the dean and the chair of that department.  We were too scared of retaliation to sign the letter so we sent it "anonymous" and asked them to come to our class and evaluate the teacher.  Oh, we sent a copy to the president to make sure everybody knows.

The next class, we started collecting signatures, and almost everybody signed the petition to remove the teacher.  While the petition was going around, the teacher walked in.  A minute later this guy walked in and asked the teacher to leave.  Then he started by saying "I'm .... the chair of the department .....  some irresponsible students have said blah blah" and asked the class to turn us in.  Of course nobody said a thing.  Then he said he has put a hold on everybody's records and we couldn't graduate until the culprits were turned in.  I looked at my friends.  They looked really bad.  So I got up and said it was me and a few others who did that, hoping the other four would get up.  But they didn't.  They just sat there and continued to be quiet.  So I was pulled out of the class and were taken to the chair's office.  He was yelling mad.  I said I was not going to let this go, and he shouldn't be threatening me.  He realized I was not backing down so he softened up, but he was still going to put me on probation.

To make the long story short, they kept the lousy teacher in the class, and he gave everybody an "A".  I took the matter to the dean, then to the vice president of academics, and to student association.  Nobody did a thing.  After two months of getting nowhere, the VP asked me "what do you want to get out of this?" and I said "justice".  He said "I'm going to be frank with you, you're wasting your time, just forget about it.  This guy has a tenure and nobody's going to touch him.  He can't teach, so they put him in the least damaging classes.  Plain and simple."

Until then, I didn't know what tenure meant.  Now I do.  It is just another way for incompetent teahers to continue sucking up the tax money.  I'm sorry, I have a lot of respect for my good professors, but have no sympathy for these guys.  They should all be fired and replaced with qualified teachers.  One of my teachers has a PhD in physics and a masters in Math or something, but he's teaching part time.  At the same time, this guy can't spell his own name and has a tenure occupying a seat that can be given to a "real" professor.

Uh, that felt good. 

by: So So      

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