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Text books are somewhat expensive. Most of the time those important books drain my low wage check, but I manage to buy them. I try my best to get the money out of those book and I hope that I'll get my money back later when I get that ideal job of mine. I have some for my bother that will graduate this year from high school, I'll hold on onto those books, probably they might use them for some of the classes that they'll get for instance English, Math and history books then they will save money.

by: Jose Sosa      

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1   1 unread I am with you!   
I have about 13 used books which I forget to sell every end of the semester every time I see them I ...
5/14/07 11:28 PM 
3   3 unread Re: SELL them!   
You know, what I hate is those teachers that write a book and force you to buy it.  My teacher ...
1/4/05 8:04 PM 

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