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The instruction gap and Participation in the classroom

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I have found in my experience as a student, that there is usually a significant gap between the instruction provided in the class and the knowledge gained by the students in the class. The instructor rushes through a topic, no questions asked, everybody is speechless, and you see an almost entire classroom with blank stares. Sometimes a couple of"advanced" students make questions, which leaves the rest in limbo. What happens in the classroom? I think that in part is the student being afraid that his question is too basic to ask, and doesn't want to be put in the spot. I think that promoting a "chat" room after class hours, where the instructor can be available to answer questions and those answers are visible and available to everybody in the class would be a great idea to promote participation in the class and would be a great help in filling that gap in the classroom

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Your suggestion for having a chat for a class sounds interesting. It is true that students tend not ...
6/5/08 11:43 AM 
Teacher mercadoc  
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i agree with your post, this is such a common situation. i think your suggested solution is also a ...
4/10/05 3:51 PM 

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