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Instructors missing classes

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I usually have to make special arrangements at work to be able to attend class, this semester was no different. What bothers me is that at least 3 times the instructor did not come to class, and I have to make the effort to come to class, just to find out on a post in the door that there is no class. I wish that this information would be available somewhere somehow as soon as the instructor knows he is not coming, it is a waste of time and money not to be able to know promptly that you don't have to come to class on a given day. I suggest the following solutions:

- Low-tech- let the students know that there is a phone# they can always call to (for example, the Department phone#) find out this information. The instructor will report to this phone# as soon as he knows he won't be attending class.

- High-tech- at the beginning of the class, the students register with a contact phone # . In a given day, if the instructor is not coming, he will send a message to this list of students phone#s, maybe a forwarding feature, the instructor calls just one phone#, and this message is forwarded automatically to all the students in the list. This way valuable time, effort and money is not wasted.

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