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This seat is not yours!

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There is this guy in my class who thinks he owns a reserved seat. When he comes to class and sees someone else is sitting on his seat, he actually demands that person to move.

How inmature!

Anyhow, people just get up and move because this guy makes such a big deal about one little seat. Nobody wants to deal with him or have anything to do with him anymore.

I don't know.

Maybe it's good to have assigned seating so there won't be this type of petty fight.

But then, it's not gonna be fair for us if we end up with bad seat for the entire semester.

I guess "first come first serves" is still the best way to go?

by: M. Tan      

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Well, next time the guy comes up and tells you to move from his seat, you must politely ask him, by ...
3/24/15 2:28 AM 
Teacher johnmoses  
2   2 unread Re: That is so immature   
This is something I can agree with.
12/18/07 9:19 PM 
Anonymous (Anonymous)  

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