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Love. A simple four letter word that is as complex as ever. Out of all the devotionals I have written, this one is the hardest. I don’t know that I have successfully mastered the complete definition of what love is, however I do know what it is not.
I know that love is gentle and kind. Love is not selfish or brash. I believe that love when it is right, will sacrifice itself for the sake of. When I think of love and the way that I want to be loved – my mind often travels back to the story of Adam and Eve.
I believed with all my might that Adam loved this woman. I believed that without thought of the repercussions he ate of the forbidden fruit not because she gave it to him – but because he knew she had eaten it, and therefore he must cover her. His love for her meant that he would give up anything and even risk his future for her. He ate the forbidden fruit for loves sake alone, knowing that death would await him once he did. Wow.
Now of course, as is true today – sometimes love can battle with reason and many people believe that Adam sought to blame Eve for their transgression. However I don’t know that I agree. I chose to believe that his response to God when asked about what transpired was not one of blame – but one of declaration. “The woman you gave to me gave me this fruit and I did eat…”, as if to say to God – you gave me this person to love, did you expect me not to cover them? Of course I ate it. When she did first – I had no choice. I had to cover her because of love.
If you take a moment and look even deeper into the bible you can find that Christ did the same thing for his bride – the church. He took on sin, which he knew would separate him from God, in order to protect and save his beloved – you and I. He would later find himself, just like Adam feeling abandoned and apart from God as a result of his decision. Christ knew then, just like Adam did, and just like any real man who loves his bride must know – LOVE covers and eventually CONQUERS all.
I challenge you now to think about the LOVE in your life or the kind of love you want. Does your love protect you? Does love provide for you? Does love find a way to resolve what ails you? Is your lover mindful of you? Can he sense when you need an encouraging word or prayer? Will he go to God the Father on behalf of you? Will he sacrifice all – even separation from others for you? Does your love speak kind to you? Does love degrade you? Does love ever make you feel less than whole? Does he honor you with truth?
Now of course there may be times of conflict, but does love yet remain to work it out or does your lover leave you to fend for yourself in the garden alone?
As we move closer to wanting and obtaining love relationships in our lives I pray that you take the time to consider the love being offered to you – and if it is not Agape – the GOD kind of love – the kind of love that wont cheat or betray – the kind of love that is there to help you and always stays – the kind of love that exist by choice and not by any particular deed done – If it is not this kind of everlasting – ever giving – ever honest & living love – that you will wait for a better one.


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