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My high school said they let us work at our own pace, but we absolutely must make at least 1.5 credits a quarter. If you ask me, that is a set pace; we must stand for our right to work at our own pace at these types of school now or never because, if we don't, all schools will have seperate classrooms, subjects, and it may be even as far as requiring room and board for the school-year. If they set a pace for us, we must stand and fight for our own right to be able to learn at our own pace and ways. Its outrageously stupid that every school that we go to has to have a set standard and pace that we have to learn at.

by: C.W. PV,AZ      

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It's true they are not honest about "letting you set your pace" they have "qualified ...
4/5/08 11:16 AM 
Teacher dhaynes  

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