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Evil meal plans

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My school has some great places to eat on campus. They offer certain meal plans- block and weekly- that you can purchase based on what and how you think you will eat. If you purchase a meal plan, you get a discount and access to all-you-can-eat buffets. Buffets are awesome. However, I purchased a meal plan and I feel totally ripped off. The food that is closest to the freshman dorms has sub-par food, and meals are only allotted for days we have class. This means no meals on weekends, and it is really awful on long-weekends.

Does anyone else feel like they're being ripped off by their school? In addition to text books, and parking...

by: Anonymous      

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1   1 unread Well atleast you...   
Well at least you have meals provided at your school. At my school, we have no provided meals what- ...
8/23/07 8:37 PM 
1   1 unread Parking prices   
I definatley feel like I'm being ripped off, not so much with meal plans but parking for sure. Last ...
11/29/05 12:45 AM 

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