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My School - A Hypocrite!

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My school promotes religious values and ethics.  But one experience made me question their integrity and wonder whose interest they really protect.  As a matter of fact, I feel very unpatriotic toward my school now.

My teammates and I did not pass a class due to the irregularity in the evaluation and grading method that was considered illegal at other schools.  Also, some faculty members made administrative mistakes which were detriment to our team.  As a result, a straight A student had to repeat the class while an openly self-claimed freeloader received a passing grade. 

When we objected to evaluating faculty members about our grades, none of them were able to provide us with satisfactory explanations. They all tried to justify their mistakes/unfairness.  None of them were willing to take accountability of their own action.  One faculty member even threatened us to drop our pursuit to reverse our grades.   

Meanwhile, when we requested information for appealing our grades, the appeal procedure appeared to be created fly-by-night with very tight deadline. But, when we finally managed to appeal, we never received our day in court. 
When we tried to bring these issues to the dean's attention, we encountered even bigger roadblock. It was impossible to meet with the dean because she created a long chain of command which we had to start over again because it went into the next calendar year.  The school did everything possible to cover up the mess.  To add to the insult, the faculty member who threatened us was promoted soon after our ordeal.

At the end, the university waived our tuition to compensate for our inconveniences.  But we still had to repeat the class and our grade stayed.

All these from the school that promotes religious values and ethics.

by: Anonymous, CA      

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