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Ridiculous On-Campus Parking

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I'm a sophomore at the University at Buffalo and commute to campus from an off campus apartment which takes about 10-15 minutes.  Every morning I must leave my apartment about an hour early just to find parking on the campus spine.  By 10 AM, the lots are jam-packed until mid-afternoon. One major reason why there is this problem is because there are very few regulations as to who can park in these lots.  This is a major problem considering anyone can park on the spine as long as they have a parking pass (which is free by the way).

The university provides buses from on-campus housing to campus every day from early morning until late night.  The only downfall about the buses are that they become less frequent towards the evening hours. 

I think a solution to this problem would be to prevent all on-campus residents from parking on the spine until 3 PM. This is fair for both on and off campus students.

I wonder how long it will take until the university actually changes something about the parking problem?....

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Living on campus doesn't sound like a bad idea if you ask me...
10/30/07 8:15 PM 
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