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Kevin Arrieta
CISB11-Online Spring Semester
Topics I Learned in CISB11
I learned the convenience online tools have to offer. I?ve come to realize some of these companies I have never heard of can be a great tool for everyday use or can be a great tool for the day I ever want to run my own business.
For instance, a quick example is using Mozilla. I realized a large difference vs. Internet Explorer. Mozilla seems to be more detailed and more protected then Internet Explorer. I do like the easy search method it has when you type in a name in the address bar. I?ve actually started using it more often because it seems to save information much more securely than Internet Explorer.
Something else I learned was the page on Google that gave me basically a calendar and a recap of normal everything daily things. It gave me the chance to set up a GMail and also gave me an infinite amount of options to plug into my home page such as daily comics, weather, calendar, phone book, horoscopes, traffic, maps etc. It gave a little bit of everything for my work life along with my personal life. It gives a reminder to things that need to be completed throughout the day. I currently use it and I?m glad I was introduced to this option. I didn?t realize Google had this option. It was very easy to set up. It took me longer to personalize it rather than set it up.
Something else I did learn is I did learn the differences between an inkjet printer and a laserjet printer. I felt this information very helpful because at the time I was in the market for a new printer. It was great information to know the difference between both printers because one is basically home printer and the other is basically a company printer. The injet is basically for a higher amount of copies and use toners. They can be processed from remote locations and sent to a printer. They are in black and white copies and depending on brand and speeds will determine the quality of the printer. The Laser jets will have a much more crisp picture. It also has very vivid color and tones to it. It prints much slower but can is for more professional copies. These print much better than your normal copy machine.
I also learned much more about servers and how they work within a home. A server is very important to homes or business? that are running more than one computer. They are systems set up to keep all of your units running. It has it?s pro?s and con?s. If the server goes down, then all the information that you?re trying to access will not be lost but won?t be available.

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