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Welcome to the Denver Transfer Initiative ~
Faculty Academy Website. 
The Denver Transfer Initiative or DTI is a partnership between the University of Colorado, Denver and Community College of Denver through a federal Title V grant.  DTI students receive assistance from a team of top notch educational case managers, tutors, peer mentors and faculty, who work holistically to increase student retention and academic performance.  The goal is for these students to succeed at CCD, successfully transfer to UC Denver and ultimately graduate from UC Denver and attain meaningful and lucrative careers.
The Faculty Academy offers assistance to faculty at both institutions as they develop and implement strategies that facilitate student learning, motivation and success.


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I received my Masters in Educational Psychology and Counseling at Cal. State, Northridge in 1998 where I worked as an assistant professor. Besides working as an instructor and therapist, for the past 12 years I have attended numerous conferences and workshops and have done a great deal of research in areas such as active learning and engagement, student motivation and retention, cultural and other types of diversity issues, and teaching and learning using multiple forms of technology.

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