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Rachel Hawkinson



  Master of Arts in Teaching, University of New Hampshire (5/04)
  Bachelor of Arts in History, University of New Hampshire (5/02)
Regent’s College, London (UNH exchange, 2000)
Semester At Sea (2001)


  Secondary Social Studies, New Hampshire
  Secondary Social Studies, Maine


Professional Experience
   Teacher, Noble High School (2006-2008)
Grade 9 U.S. History and Geography, Grade 10 U.S. History and Humanities
Looping InterdisciplinaryTeam
Developed and implemented Humanities-based Social Studies curriculum with an emphasis on literacy, research, and writing.
Promoted positive professional relationships with team and community
Supported district-wide literacy and technology initiatives, including website development and organization of online instructional materials

   Advisor, Noble High School Civil Rights Team (2007-2008)
Founded team and articulated mission statement, goals, and norms
Facilitated weekly discussions and activities
Created and maintained website and online public forum


  Teacher, Mascenic Regional High School (2004-2006)
Grade 9 Social Studies (U.S. Government/Geography), American Government, Grade 11 U.S. History
The Vietnam War (Virtual High School)
Implemented rigorous original and text-based Social studies curriculum with emphasis on interdisciplinary skills proficiency
Instructed online course following graduate-level training in Netcourse Instructional Methodologies
Contributed to and managed individual program plans for students with special needs

 Co-Class Advisor, Mascenic Regional High School class of 2009 (2005-2006)


  Intern, Oyster River High School, Durham, NH (2003-2004)
Full-year, full-time teaching internship
Taught in heterogeneous classrooms, including gifted and special needs students
Worked independently on curriculum development in U.S. History and Citizenship Education
Classroom based research in homework strategies and cooperative learning


  Substitute teacher, Oyster River High School, Durham, NH (2003-2004)
AP U.S. History
World Cultures


  Practicum Intern, Noble High School, Berwick, ME (2001)
Co-taught lessons and facilitated discussion
Observed classroom management, curriculum development, and instructional methods
Worked with students in small groups on research and projects


Professional Development and Additional Education
  History in Perspective Seminars, University of New Hampshire (sponsored by U.S. Department of Education)
Authentic Learning Workshop
The Civil War seminars
Terrorism and 9/11 seminars and lecture series
The Isles of Shoals seminars
The First Amendment: A Historical Perspective seminars
The U.S. Presidential Primary and the History of Political Parties seminars
The Vietnam War seminars

  Teaching American History Collaborative Project Fall Conference (sponsored by U.S. Department of Education)
Integrate the development of reading and writing skills with the study of American History
Enrichment resources through organizations such as the Smithsonian Institute and National Park Service

  Teaching American History Collaborative Project Summer Colloquium, sponsored by U.S. Department of Education
“America as an Industrial Nation (1813-1945)”
Teaching strategies and resources

  NetCourse Instructional Methodologies
Online pedagogy and methodology education for VHS teachers 
Training to teach a Virtual High School course using VHS and Blackboard technology 

  “The Holocaust: History, Remembrance, and Legacies” Workshop (U.S.  Holocaust Memorial Museum)
Guidelines for effective teaching about the Holocaust in grades 6-12 using history, art, and literature
Lessons, pedagogical issues, materials, scholarship and strategies 

   The Center for New England Culture Black New England Conference
Black New England: Life, History, and Community in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont
Seminars and teaching resources on race and slavery in New England
Documentation of further professional development available on request.                                                                 

Other Training
   Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (expected 8/08)


Awards and Honors
  Presidential Scholar, University of New Hampshire (2002)
  Magna Cum Laude, University of New Hampshire (2002)
  ETS Recognition of Excellence: Social Studies Content Knowledge (2008)

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