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Reflection Experience




1. My supervisors were Lynette and Jamie was always there to answer any questions I had. They let me know exactly what they wanted me to do, and even had a little office set up for me.


2. My supervisors never overloaded me with work for the day. But I did always have enough to do in the time allotted for me.


Types of work that was given to me was all mainly to help with planning their annual meeting for their members. I assisted Jamie and Lynette on planning the meeting I worked in Excel, putting registration forms in; I worked on all the name tags that were given to their members and I was also in charge of the packets with all their information they received at the meeting.


Each member/ company has to pay a membership fee to be apart of their association. For the members that had not yet paid, I had to call the presidents of the company to see if they were going to renew their membership.


With the renewal of all the members, TGA puts a membership directory together with contact information of each company with included advertisements, and sends out to every member. I worked in Publisher to update and renew memberships for each company.


3. The quality of the work environment is very welcoming. It is a professional establishment that gave me the experience to work and understand how a business is run.


4. General attitudes expressed by the professionals toward me were very positive. They thought that having a young intern brought more life to their company. They were very glad to have me as an intern and learn about their line of work. 


5. The most enjoyable aspect of my internship experience was meeting new people. I enjoyed working with them. They treated me like I was apart of their team, and I hope it will open some doors for m in the future.


6. The least enjoyable aspect of my internship experience was assembling the name tags.  It took a day worth of time to put them together. Yet I didn’t enjoy working on them, but I also know that it is the little tasks that make the event happen.


7. I think what I have learned in my coursework helped me prepare for the work I did at my internship. When you plan an event, it is having to think of every detail; is what I learned from my coursework. When I got to the intern, I didn’t notice all the details, but gradually realized them more and more; from the name tags, to planning what food is going to be served with which dessert.


8. This internship has helped me grow. I think that I have more potential now to go into a business environment and feel more confident in my line of work. There was no pay, but it was definitely worth the experience.

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