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Hello & Welcome to Special Connections Family Group of Boston. We are please to welcome you to our group that was founded this year we hope to make it a very good one.
The reason I have started this group is because a lot of people in the world really don't understand ADHD/ADD I think that it is very important that we learn and teach other about what we have. I myself have had ADHD for over 13 years & just recently have realized that there was something wrong in my life as a kid I found out that I had it. Never took my medication. When I became an Adult I realize that I was not organized or I forgot a lot of things were late for everything.
I went to see my Doctor Tested me again I found out that I still had it & realize that it would never go away. The reason I have created this group is for us to join & talk about our highs & lows. Help one another to keep focused.

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