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iRubric: Fiction Book Report Rubric 7th & 8th grades

iRubric: Fiction Book Report Rubric 7th & 8th grades

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Fiction Book Report Rubric 7th & 8th grades

  Derived from rubric: Book Report Rubric 5th & 6th grades
built by idealacademy

Rubric Code: D364B8
A grading rubric for 7th and 8th grade written book reports for each marking period (Fiction)
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Keywords: Organization, Information, Grammar/Sentence Structure, Plot Summary, Neatness, Student Evaluation
Categories: Subjects: English  
Types: Reading  
Grade Levels: 6-8

Powered by iRubric Evaluating reading books
  Poor Work
2 pts
Acceptable Work
4 pts
Good Work
6 pts
Well Done
8 pts
Outstanding Work
10 pts
Poor Work

Significant information is missing, or not recorded in the proper paragraphs.
Acceptable Work

Most important information is presented in a logical sequence and recorded in the proper paragraphs.
Good Work

Necessary information was covered, but not presented logically or recorded in proper paragraphs.
Well Done

Necessary information was covered logically and recorded in the proper paragraphs.
Outstanding Work

All necessary information was presented logically and recorded properly.
Introductory Paragraph Information
Poor Work

Basic information is missing from inductory paragraph- title, author, setting, main characters,
Acceptable Work

Most of the basic information is included in the introductory paragraph
Good Work

Basic information was included in the introductory paragraph.
Well Done

Basic information was presented and expanded upon in the introductory paragraph.
Outstanding Work

Basic information was presented. Details were developed to add interest to the material.
Grammar/ Sentence Structure, format
Poor Work

Numerous errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, word usage, run-on sentences, sentence fragments. Paragraphs not indented. No evidence of proof-reading.
Acceptable Work

Some errors occurred in in capitalization, punctuation, word usage, run-on sentences, sentence fragments. Paragraph formatting inconsistent. Proof-reading questionable.
Good Work

A few errors occurred in capitalization, punctuation, word usage, sentence structure. Paragraphs properly formatted. Proof-reading inadequate.
Well Done

A couple errors occurred in capitalization, punctuation, word usage, sentence structure. Paragraphs were properly formatted. Proof-reading evident.
Outstanding Work

There were no errors or evidence of corrections in the report. Paragraphs were properly indented. Words were well chosen and sentences were concise.
Plot Summary
Poor Work

Information covered does not describe the plot, conflict or resolution.
Acceptable Work

The plot was not clearly stated or the conflict/resolution was not clearly stated.
Good Work

Plot or conflict/resolution is briefly, but clearly stated.
Well Done

Plot or conflict/resolution is clearly and adequately developed.
Outstanding Work

The plot or conflict/resolution was clearly stated and summarized. Sentences are well developed and presented in an interesting manner.
Student Evaluation
Poor Work

Student did not share an opinion on the book.
Acceptable Work

Student gave their opinion of the book but did not back their opinion with supporting sentences.
Good Work

Student gave opinion of book but sentences did not clearly support the opinion stated.
Well Done

Opinion clearly stated and confirmed by good supporting sentences.
Outstanding Work

Student expresses opinion and supports it with several good supporting sentences.
Poor Work

Work was very difficult to read, paper was torn or crumpled, work was smugged,
Acceptable Work

Paper was ripped, smugged or wrinkled. Some words or sentences were difficult to read.
Good Work

Paper was neatly written and presented.
Well Done

Paper was neatly written or typed. Little evidence of corrections having been made.
Outstanding Work

Paper was neatly written or typed with no evidence of corrections having been made.

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