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iRubric: Photojournalism rubric

iRubric: Photojournalism rubric

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  Derived from rubric: Gr. 12 FINAL SUMMATIVE PORTFOLIO
built by saintlouis

Rubric Code: Z3WCA8
Your photos from around the school that can be used to complement stories and visually improve the design of the newspaper
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Keywords: Photojournalist
Categories: Subjects: Arts and Design   English   Vocational  
Types: Exam   Project   Assignment  
Grade Levels:

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  INCOMPLETE/R (0-49%)
LEVEL 1 (50-59%)
LEVEL 2 (60-69%)
LEVEL 3 (70-79%)
LEVEL 4 (80-100%)
FINAL MARK per category

Serious exposure, focus and/or other technique problems obscure the message and/or meaning of images. Did not follow instructions. did not explore necessary themes and/or meet basic expectations.
LEVEL 1 (50-59%)

Exposure and focus and/or other technique problems inhibit interpretation and meaning. Did not follow/complete some required concepts or parts.
LEVEL 2 (60-69%)

Camera and/or software technique are variable but generally acceptable. Most project requirements have been satisfied.
LEVEL 3 (70-79%)

Exposure and focus factors have been applied effectively. All project requirements were met and taken seriously. Software and cam technique are very well applied.
LEVEL 4 (80-100%)

Student created an exemplary body of work, vis-a-vis cam and software technique. All project instructions were met beyond expectations. Work is
FINAL MARK per category


Photographs do not demonstrate use of the principles of composition or have seriously detrimental framing issues. Choices of subject matter, lighting, locations and perspectives do not reflect final exam work.
LEVEL 1 (50-59%)

Elements of composition are weak. Subject matter, lighting, locations and perspectives are bland and unremarkable, resulting in a last-minute appearance.
LEVEL 2 (60-69%)

Some composition conventions are used to benefit the meaning and message of the photo. Photo explores expression. Subjects, lighting, locations, posing and perspectives show somewhat limited thought.
LEVEL 3 (70-79%)

Composition benefits and emphasizes the meaning and message of the photo. Expression is emphasized and genuine. Subjects are well chosen. Lighting, location choices and perspectives are interesting and creative.
LEVEL 4 (80-100%)

Composition is very engaging, interesting and expressive! Extensive thought went into subject and treatment choices. Experimentation led to very creative and imaginative perspectives.
FINAL MARK per category


Knowledge and understanding of fundamental technique, style and/or content elements does not reflect minimal standards of photographic growth and progress.
LEVEL 1 (50-59%)

Very limited understanding of technique, style and content selection; relationship between these elements has also not been demonstrated.
LEVEL 2 (60-69%)

Student took some care to demonstrate semester's progress. Some understanding of concepts and their inter-relationships has been shown.
LEVEL 3 (70-79%)

Strong classroom learning and overall photographic competence is evident. Student understood and met the essential goal of establishing semester's progress.
LEVEL 4 (80-100%)

Student recognized task at hand and produced a remarkable and visually poignant body of work that establishes superior knowledge and understanding of course theory and application.
FINAL MARK per category


Written/typed reflection was not submitted or was far too short.
LEVEL 1 (50-59%)

Paper discusses limited personal perspective and lacks depth of personal thought and necessary detail. Limited care shown. Photos do not express ideas effectively.
LEVEL 2 (60-69%)

Fundamental reflection and insight is shown. Some care and attention to detail is shown, but authenticity is lacking.
Photos are somewhat expressive.
LEVEL 3 (70-79%)

Reflection shows some good insight and meaningful consideration of relevant experience. Good written expression and depth. Photos are very expressive.
LEVEL 4 (80-100%)

Reflection is genuine, insightful, indepth and meaningful. Paper documents personal growth or shift of perspective through semester. Photos express meaningful and poignant ideas.
FINAL MARK per category

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