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iRubric: Precision Manufacturing and Machining Technology rubric

iRubric: Precision Manufacturing and Machining Technology rubric

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Precision Manufacturing and Machining Technology built by ryanp411

Rubric Code: XX7W84W
To be used in technical manufacting and machining classes to assess how well students are able to apply theory knowledge to accomplish an assigned task.
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Keywords: Project Grading Rubric
Categories: Subjects: Vocational   Education  
Types: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

Powered by iRubric Machine Shop Skills
  Level 4
(N/A) 80+%
Level 3
(N/A) 70-79%
Level 2
(N/A) 60-69%
Level 1
(N/A) 50-59%
Level 0
0 pts
Job Completion
Level 4

The job was 100% complete and worked according to the task description.
Level 3

The job was complete and worked, but needed minor modifications.
Level 2

The job was complete but did not work; needed several minor modifications.
Level 1

The job was complete but did not work; needed several major modiications.
Level 0

The job was incomplete and did not work.
Ability to Follow Directions
Level 4

Followed directions to the letter.
Level 3

Followed directions.
Level 2

Moderately followed directions.
Level 1

Did not follow directions.
Level 0

Did not appear concerned with directions.
Demonstrated Knowledge of Theory
Level 4

Student knows and is able to identify and explain necessary theories for completion of the project.
Level 3

Student is able to identify and explain necessary theories for completion of the project with some assistance.
Level 2

Student is unable to identify or explain concepts without major prompting.
Level 1

Student is not able to both identify and explain major theories.
Level 0

Student is unable to either identify or explain any related theories to the project.
Level of Needed Assistance
Level 4

Student was able to complete the task without assistance.
Level 3

Student was able to complete the task with little assistance.
Level 2

Student was able to complete the task with moderate assistance.
Level 1

Student was unable to complete task without major assistance.
Level 0

Student was unable to complete task with assistance.
Student Preparedness
Level 4

Student had/gathered all materials and was completely ready to go to work.
Level 3

Student had/gathered most materials and went to work.
Level 2

Student had/gathered most materials, however, they needed excess time to do so.
Level 1

Student did not have/gather some of the needed materials to perform work.
Level 0

Student did not have/gather the needed materials and was unable to perform work.
Time Management
Level 4

Routinely used time well throughout the project to get the job done on time.
Level 3

Used time fairly well throughout the project.
Level 2

Procrastinated somewhat but did get the job done on time.
Level 1

Was unable to adequately meet timeline due to inablility.
Level 0

Did not meet timeline due to procrastination or wasting time.
Student Attitude During Project
Level 4

Student turned in a project they considered a reflection of their diligent efforts.
Level 3

Student turned in a project they are pleased with.
Level 2

Student turned in a project that is semi-decent to receive a fair grade.
Level 1

Student turned in project simply to receive credit.
Level 0

Student turned in a project without concern for its reflection of their work.
Application of Safety Practices
Level 4

Student followed all safety rules.
Level 3

Student followed most safety rules, may have forgotten one on occasion.
Level 2

Student attempted to follow safety rules but failed to meet several.
Level 1

Student failed to follow a significant number of safety rules often.
Level 0

Student made no effort to follow safety rules.
Care of Machine, Tools & Claenup
Level 4

Student took great care of the precision tools & and equipment that he or she used. All tools where retuned to tool room & the machine and work area was cleaned properly.
Level 3

Student took some care with the precision tools & equipment. Work area & machine where particaly cleaned. Some tools not returned to tool room.
Level 2

Little care was taken with tools & machine.
Few tools where returned to the tool room. Machine and work area not week cleaned.
Level 1

Student failed to take care of tools and or did not clean the
Level 0

Student was careless with tools & or machine resulting in broken tools or equipment. Student did not return tools to the tool room and aslo did not clean machine and assinged work area.
Total Score
Level 4

Level 4 - Achievement surpasses the Provincial Standard
Level 3

Level 3 - Provincial Standard
Level 2

Level 2 - Approaches the provincial standard
Level 1

Level 1- falls much below the provincial standard
Level 0


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