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iRubric: Write a Math Rap, Song or Poem rubric

iRubric: Write a Math Rap, Song or Poem rubric

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Write a Math Rap, Song or Poem

  Derived from rubric: Write a Math Rap, Song or Poem
built by snsmith

Rubric Code: UX9XCCW
You are to write a math rap, song, or poem about a 6th grade math standard you have mastered. You may choose from Exponents, Operations with Decimals, Operations with Fractions, Operations with Integers, PEMDAS, or Prime Factorization. Then you must describe or relate the process or essential ideas with words. The song or creative expression should be at least 30 seconds long. Your hard copy of lyrics should be typed and printed on a piece of white copy paper.
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Keywords: Math Rap, Math Song,
Categories: Subjects: Math  
Types: Presentation   Writing  
Grade Levels: 6-8

Powered by iRubric Write a Math Rap, Song or Poem
  No Credit
0 pts
Below the Standard
1 pts
Approaching the Standard
2 pts
Met the Standard
3 pts
No Credit

No paper or paper not turned in.
Below the Standard

Handwritten copy with mistakes. Many Spelling errors present.
Approaching the Standard

Handwritten copy with 2 - 3 spelling errors present.
Met the Standard

0 - 1 spelling errors.
No Credit

No creative thinking by the author. Copied paper or copied from another person or source. No creativity was shown in the video.
Below the Standard

Words do not make sense. The words do not describe the topic. Little creativity was shown in the video.
Approaching the Standard

Words correctly include the topic's name - the description of the topic is incomplete or has 1 - 2 mistakes. Most of the video was creative.
Met the Standard

Words correctly describe the topic completely and thoroughly without any mistakes. Video was very creative.
No Credit

No process addressed by the author.
Below the Standard

The topic is correctly named but an incorrect description is made. The process description has more than 3 errors.
Approaching the Standard

The topic is named correctly and is described with 1 - 2 errors.
Met the Standard

The topic is correctly named and the description has 0 errors.
No Credit

Math rap, song, poem or other was not done.
Below the Standard

Math rap, song, poem or other was handed in written form.
Approaching the Standard

Math rap, song, poem or other was handed in typed form.
Met the Standard

Math rap was handed in typed form and presented in some type of media.
No Credit

Song was less than 15 seconds.
Below the Standard

Song was 15 seconds long.
Approaching the Standard

Song was 30 seconds long.
Met the Standard

Song was 45 seconds long.

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