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iRubric: Photojournalism Rubric

iRubric: Photojournalism Rubric

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Photojournalism Rubric

  Derived from rubric: General Assignment Photojournalism
built by hpitto

Rubric Code: SX8CW79
Rubric for MCOM 7, Photojournalism class at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California.
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Keywords: Digital Photography
Categories: Subjects: Arts and Design   Journalism  
Types: Project   Assignment  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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Photo assignment #1
  Highly Proficient
4 pts
Proficient Standards
3 pts
Minimum Standards
2 pts
Below Standards
1 pts
Meeting deadline
20 pts
4 pts Displays understanding of assignment and shows intent.
Highly Proficient

Shows well thought out concept with a high degree of originality and sophistication.
Proficient Standards

Shows good grasp of the concept with some originality and sophistication.
Minimum Standards

Shows some grasp of the concept with commonly used cliché or stereotyped imagery.
Below Standards

Lacks general grasp of the concept. Visual solution shows little thought.
Meeting deadline

4 pts Eye movement, use of space, line usage, strong point of emphasis.
Highly Proficient

Composition is interesting and compelling. Use of leading lines, shapes, or patterns, perspective and framing. Elements in the foreground, middle and background. Clear/aligned images.
Proficient Standards

Composition has potential. More variation in placement and position will improve image. Use of leading lines, shapes and patterns were considered; could be improved. Images are mostly clear/aligned.
Minimum Standards

Demonstrates some visual interest or consideration to composition techniques. Most images were not clear/aligned.
Below Standards

Does not demonstrate visual interest or display composition techniques. Images were of poor quality and alignment.
Meeting deadline

Technical qualities
4 pts Exposure, color, focus and depth, contrast, lighting, shot in raw.
Highly Proficient

Color/value is appropriate for subject and mood.

Focus and depth of field effectively contribute to a strong image.

Excellent use of lighting.
Proficient Standards

Color/value is adequate for subject and mood.

Focus and depth of field somewhat adequate.

Great use of lighting, could be better.
Minimum Standards

Color/value can use minor adjustments.

Focus distracts from image.

Lighting is poor; could have moved to another angle.
Below Standards

Color/value is inappropriate for subject and mood.

Out of focus, blurry.

Lighting not considered.
Meeting deadline

4 pts Photoshop, cropping and presentation.
Highly Proficient

Shows mastery in the use of software, and techniques to attain the assignment parameters.
Proficient Standards

Shows good command of the use of software, and techniques to attain most of the assignment parameters.
Minimum Standards

Shows some command of the use of software, and techniques to attain some of the assignment parameters.
Below Standards

Very limited in the use of software, and techniques to attain a few of the assignment parameters.
Meeting deadline

Effort and participation
4 pts Worked on the task until it was complete and gave it his/her all.
Highly Proficient

Demonstrates strong work ethic in accomplishing the assignment. Used lab time appropriately. Goes above and beyond.
Proficient Standards

Demonstrates a good work ethic in accomplishing the assignment. Used some lab time to finish work.
Minimum Standards

Demonstrates some work ethic in accomplishing the assignment. Sometimes off task and unfocused; did not make proper use of lab time.
Below Standards

Demonstrates very little work ethic in accomplishing the assignment.
Meeting deadline

4 pts Headline (photo essay), identification, secondary information, photo credit.
Highly Proficient

Explains exactly what is going on in the photo. Names all visible people. Adds info that is not obvious from the photo. Includes all proper metadata: photo date, caption, photographer name. JPEG format.
Proficient Standards

Caption does not fully explain what is going on in the photo and contains limited secondary info. Missing some metadata. Contains some AP style mistakes.
Minimum Standards

Little information in the captions, little or no adherence to AP style, lack of summary, most metadata is missing.
Below Standards

Nothing written when submitted.
Meeting deadline

Submitted On Time
20 pts Anything not submitted on time constitutes as a fail.
Highly Proficient

Deadline met = 20 pts.
Proficient Standards

Deadline not met = 0 pts.
Minimum Standards

Deadline not met = 0 pts.
Below Standards

Deadline not met = 0 pts.
Meeting deadline

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